Episode 6: An Interview with CMU Interim Director of eLearning, Jeremy Bond

Jeremy Bond and Ming Zhang

Jeremy Bond (left) and Ming Zhang

By Kelvin Byrd

Jeremy Bond is a two-time Central Michigan University (CMU) graduate, career educator, and instructional and information technology professional with an e-learning technology career dating back to 1997. This year, he will complete his doctorate in educational technology at CMU. Away from employment settings, he is a dedicated husband and father, a long-time numismatist, friend, and confidant.

How did you become a part of the CMU community? / What key indicator let you know CMU was a good fit for you?

CMU’s appeal was that it was large enough to offer programs that interested me, but has a main campus that feels manageable. I remember being told that one could walk from anywhere to just about anywhere else in ten minutes. Even though that didn’t prove entirely true in my experience, I found the campus welcoming and navigable.

Who is your favorite professor at CMU and why?

I’ve really had the privilege of working with so many great faculty – as a student, but also in all my professional roles here. If I have to choose just one, something I wasn’t even sure I was interested in. After our data driven decision making course, he reached out and offered to continue work on my major paper, to submit it for publication. He gave me the confidence to discover an area of professional practice I had not considered; I’ve since put out two more publications – one which is pending and another that will be in the Distance Learning Administration conference proceedings this year. The way Ming makes time for his students and invests in them is a really special thing. He isn’t just a teacher, he works with us as peers and, in my case, sees potential that we ourselves might be overlooking.

Jeremy’s contribution to CMU is a very positive and enriching. He helps make CMU a very positive and cordial environment. Perspective students can learn a great deal from Jeremy’s webinar. The best is yet to come!

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