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Episode 4: Gamified Micro-Credentials

Unsplash Image by David Grandmougin (Helsinki, Finland)Two students in CMU’s doctorate of educational technology program – Heather Kellstrom and Natalie Makulski – will be sharing their EDU 807 final project on micro-credentialing and gamification.

With the need for deeper, personalized, authentic, engaging, and motivating professional development for teachers, come learn about what powerful bite-sized, peer-reviewed PD can do for you and your organization. This webinar will focus on the why, how and what of micro-credentialing through a practical application of an educational technology tool (gamification).

Join our next live EdTech Currents webinar, this Thursday, April 27 at 7:00 EST (YouTube Watch Page Link).

Unsplash Image by David Grandmougin (Helsinki, Finland)


Meet CMU EdTech Student Ashley O’Neil

Meet Ashley O’ Neil, a Central Michigan University Educational Technology master’s degree student applying her education every day as the program coordinator for the Center for Excellence in STEM Education at CMU.

At the STEM Center, Ashley coordinates field trips, family events, afterschool activities and summer camps for K-12 students. At these events, students get to explore math and science in fun and engaging ways that they may not experience in their every day classrooms.

The STEM Center also opens its doors for “make times” where students can come in and use a variety of science technology and equipment. In addition to open hours, the center runs a library of science equipment that teachers can check out to use in their classrooms, helping to expand student’s knowledge and STEM curiosity.

One of Ashley’s personal goals is to familiarize herself with new technology and skills so that she can incorporate them into the Center. Her Master of Arts in Educational Technology is doing just that. With all of her classes, she can see the immediate and long-term benefits to the skills and practices that she is learning, leading to direct, real-life applications.

Recalling a course from last fall, Ashley notes that “Many of the projects I started in EDU 653 were great launching points for things that I use regularly in the center. I took almost all of the prototypes [using web-based tools] that I created and refined them to be used for family and student events”. She created projects with tools such as Adobe Spark, Piktochart, and ThingLink. “The prototypes I made allowed me to give instructions, tutorials, and resources to families via online platforms. I have continued to use several of the sites that we learned about in class for projects here.”

Ashley will be graduating in the summer of 2017 and plans to continue her work with the STEM Center, using the skills and resources from her degree to inspire students beyond the classroom.

To learn more about Ashley’s work and the Center, tune in to EdTech Currents on Monday, March 20, 2017 at 8:00 EST, or visit

EdTechCurrents: Episode 1 Preview

jw-quoteWelcome to EdTech Currents!

Hosted by Troy Hicks, our first webinar will be streaming live this Monday, Jan 23rd, 2017 at 8:00pm EST.

We will interview CMU professor Dr. Jennifer Weible as she discusses topics regarding integration of technology into STEM programs, upcoming technologies like Aurasama (Augmented reality software) and more.

EdTech Currents is a site created and maintained by graduate students and faculty affiliated with Central Michigan University’s Master of Arts in Educational Technology and Doctorate in Educational Technology.

We will attempt to be “current” in a variety of ways:

  • In the sense that “current” is a noun, we will attempt to tap into the on-going trends and research in educational technology.
  • In the sense that “current” is an adjective, we will attempt to present and circulate ideas from our own faculty and students, as well as other educational technology leaders.

Over time, our goals is to create an sustained dialogue about ed tech that enriches — and is enriched by — a scholarly perspective on the topics of the day. Please join the conversation!

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